It's Movie Night

Combining audio and visual experiences, movies are an entertainment that enfolds a person within an alternate reality. Movies give audiences a chance to suspend any disbelief and absorb whatever is playing. Letting go of reality is easy once the movie begins. There are few people that can resist this encompassing form of entertainment. It fills the eyes and ears with emotional content and, hopefully, a great story. It is so popular that many people have a regular night to view a movie.

People used to see movies in a theater. The introduction of the television and, later, the VCR changed this. Now people can rent a movie at the store to watch at home. They can also download it through a digital device. They can still go to a movie theater as well. No matter how or where they choose to watch, a movie is a great form of entertainment. Sharing a movie with friends and family is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment today.