Enjoying Music Throughout Life

The most easily recognized form of audio entertainment is music. Many people learn to love it as babies. Their parents hum favorite lullabies to them as infants. Appreciation of music generally grows through childhood. Once they are mobile, toddlers and young children hear the music their parents enjoy. Lullabies and their parent’s music are generally the beginning of a lifelong love of this form of entertainment.

Once children begin school, their taste in music may change. The digital age has made music more accessible to younger children. Because there is now a young audience, artists and music producers are making music more accessible than ever before. Children tend to hum along with melodies. They are also quick to learn the words to new songs. Appreciation of old standards is taught to them during their schooling. They are surrounded by many different types of music during this phase of their life.

Teenagers tend to rebel and their music reflects their changing emotional and physical states. They have their own genres of music. This age group is experiencing its first adult choice in entertainment. The music they hear and love as teenagers will stay with them for the rest of their lives. While few will admit it, even classical music is part of their audio entertainment world. Many teens grow up hearing classical music at school. It is part of the normal curriculum. Learning to love it may take time, but they will often rediscover it as adults. School is a great timed to learn a music instrument and perhaps one day a child might become a saxophone player or an electric violinist!

Once children have grown, they continue to learn more about music. Taste in music changes throughout the years. They may still love the first lullabies they heard as infants and pass it on to their own children. They will repeat the same musical journey as their children grow and pass on a love of musical entertainment.